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OCIMF and PIANC Ink Memorandum of Understanding

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to formalize their long-standing working relationship.

Francisco Esteban Lefler, PIANC President and Karen Davis, OCIMF Managing Director, signed the memorandum of understanding in January 2022. Its key aim is to enhance the impact of both organizations in the area of waterborne transport infrastructure, to cooperate, communicate and collaborate in the area of the ship-shore interface while recognizing and respecting their individual identities, membership expectations and traditions. Their primary focus will be on supporting the work of each other through participation in relevant committees, workshops, conferences, and seminars as well as dissemination of technical information, joint activities on international issues and reciprocal representation in key groups.

Lefler said, ”The MoU is a direct consequence of several years of cooperation in topics of common interest. It (or the MoU) opens the path for further fruitful cooperation in knowledge sharing, oriented to the technological and environmental improvement of port and offshore infrastructure dedicated to transportation and handling of energy-related bulks, promoting safety and reliability.”

Davis said, “PIANC and OCIMF have been collaborating for several years. By formalizing this partnership on the back of OCIMF’s refreshed strategy, this partnership will support OCIMF’s vision to be a global marine industry that causes no harm to people or the environment. It should strengthen our risk-based, future-focused approach to meet OCIMF’s mission to develop best practices in the design, construction and safe operation of tankers, barges and offshore vessels and their interfaces with terminals. We look forward to working together to strengthen our existing safeguards against current risks and developing new safeguards to protect against emerging risks particularly in health, safety, security and environmental matters.”

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