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Resolve’s PIONEER Response Tug Wins 2020 AMVER Award Four Consecutive Years

Usually presented live at the Benkert Awards ceremony, the 2020 AMVER Award was presented virtually ensuring adherence to pandemic safety while continuing to recognize the maritime industry’s commitment to emergency response and maritime safety. Resolve takes great pride participating in the AMVER program as we adapt quickly to global challenges while maintaining consistent availability and preparedness standards enabling the USCG to utilize the PIONEER’s response capabilities. The PIONEER delivers above- standard performance as an emergency tug and excels as a first line of defense for spill response, emergency lightering, and crew/team transport. Being recognized by AMVER out of the many countries and hundreds of vessels who participate validates the hard work and long hours Resolve commits to the Alaska Emergency Response network.

In a virtual presentation, Resolve Marine accepted the award from USCG Admiral Charles Ray and AMVER Director Ben Strong as part of the larger NAMEPA program. “For Resolve being a part of the AMVER program is an honor and one we take with great pride,” states Lindsay Malen-Habib, Client Services Manager – Resolve Marine, “Being available to assist the USCG in saving lives is not just our job it is our duty.” 2020 will go down in history as a year of great challenge, change, and reward as Resolve Marine continues leading the emergency response/salvage industry and recognized as a 2020 AMVER Award recipient.

About Resolve Marine
Resolve Marine provides innovative response, recovery, and compliance solutions that solve our client’s problems while making the world’s oceans cleaner and safer. Operating from strategically positioned offices, depots, and warehouses around the world, Resolve’s owned and managed assets ensure marine insurance companies, shipowners, offshore operators, and global governments benefit from responsive teams who strive to protect client assets and marine environments. Resolve’s salvage experience and technical expertise translates into regulatory leadership as an approved OPA 90 SMFF, Alaska APC (1-Call Alaska), and China SPRO provider. Find out more at


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