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port of Hodeida workers and employees organized a standing protest in front of the UN office building

On Monday morning, 1/10/2018, workers and employees of the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation organized a protest in front of the UN office, In protest against the continuation of the policy of targeting the economy and starving the Yemeni people through the practice of the aggression countries of the siege for more than four years. At the end, the participants raised banners condemning the continuation of the unjust siege on the port of Hodeida by the aggression coalition which consider illegal and unjustified and in front of the world’s eyes and the Security Council. The participants in the stand called on the United Nations, human rights and all the free people of the world to stand with the Yemeni people and lift the injustice by stopping the aggression, lifting the air, sea and land blockade, paying the salaries of the employees, alleviating the suffering of the people and stopping the unprecedented economic deterioration experienced by the Yemeni people as a result of this Unjust and unfair siege and aggression. A statement issued by workers and employees of the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation in this stand condemned the continued restrictions on the access of food, humanitarian aid, oil derivatives and medicines to the port of Hodeida by the aggression coalition. The statement indicate that the ports receive about 70% of the country’s basic and necessary needs, despite the fact that the process of entry of ships through inspection and restrictions through the United Nations mechanism of inquiry, which seems arbitrary. The statement called on the United Nations and the UN Security Council to oblige the aggression countries to allow the entry of ships carrying essential materials, relief and oil derivatives, and to facilitate their arrival without obstruction. The result of the sea and air siege on the ports and air ports are catastrophic which effects on the civilian population and the deterioration in the standard of living, health and economy. The statement pointed out that the current escalation by the countries of the aggression alliance on Hodeida city doubled the humanitarian and health situation and imposed forced eviction on the population from their homes by cutting the roads to supply citizens with foodstuffs and oil derivatives. Now the costs of delivery of these materials to the markets increased and become very expansive and people cannot purchasing any more. The statement called on the United Nations and the international community to stop immediately the unjustified aggression on Yemen and lift the siege on the port of Hodeida and the rest of the sea ports, airports and ports, and to open all main roads to deliver relief and humanitarian supplies and take responsibilities towards what the Yemeni people suffer from, of oppression, injustice, killing, deprivation and the destruction of its infrastructure.

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