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Maritime Monday – The Top Maritime News Headlines Of The Week

Here are the top maritime news stories of the last week:

Ocean Rebellion launches a protest against Weymouth cruise ships | Dorset Echo Protestors from Ocean Rebellion, took to the water on Tuesday evening to raise awareness of their campaign to end the cruise ship industry. The group used large video projectors to light up hulls of the hull of ships with slogans like ‘illegal dumper’ and ‘ship of fools’.

Op-Ed: The Popular Mechanics Of Maritime Innovation – gCaptain  If we want profits, if we want to avoid risk, if we want to save lives at sea, if we want to survive in a post-COVID world then we can’t “manage innovation”. We can’t tell the maritime technology startups what to build. We can’t think linearly and lose patience when pitches start sounding a little complicated and messy. No, we need to write checks, we need to offer our trust and support and we need to ask the best and the brightest startup founders, people like MIT startup founder Dr. Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik, how WE can help THEM.

China Is Not Even Close To Meeting Phase One Trade Deal Agreements Forbes Blame it on the pandemic. Or maybe (depending on whom you ask) it’s just China being China. But the “super great” phase one trade deal that President Trump got done last year is nowhere near the commitments China made in terms of imports.

For Women Seafarers in the Philippines, Sexual Harassment at Sea Goes Mostly Unpunished – gCaptain The new article by the IDS tells the story of how a group of Filipino women seafarers have organized the first-ever women’s committee at the Association of Marine Officers and Seafarers’ Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP), the biggest seafarers’ union in the Philippines, to help fight back against sexual harassment in the maritime industry.

CMA CGM hires driver of digitization strategy – FreightWaves, CMA CGM announced Friday it hired Nicolas Sekkaki, CEO of IBM France, to execute its digitization and technology strategy. Friday’s announcement made no mention of IT problems caused this week by the ransomware attack reported Monday.

Op-Ed It’s Time For Kings Point To Step Up To The Plate – gCaptain In the current political hurricane of COVID, supreme court battles, a presidential election, and political protests… it would seem best to hold off on increasing USMMA funding for now. That would be a mistake.

IMO Cyber-attack Has Serious Implications On Friday the IMO restored access to their website after a cyber attack but what are the implications to implementing the organizations’ IMO2021 cybersecurity guidelines which go into effect at the end of this year?

Long Beach bridge, a decade in the making, opens Monday – FreightWaves The  $1.47 billion project took seven years and raised the bridge’s clearance 55 feet to more than 200 feet to allow increasingly bigger container ships to reach the Port of Long Beach.

US import bonanza could extend into 2021 on ‘record’ restocking – Freightwaves No one predicted a U.S. import surge in the middle of a pandemic — but it’s happening. The big question now is: How long can this last? The reason might be a shift in inventory levels as producers shift from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case.’

 They Needed a Place to Marry. Suddenly Their Ship Came In- NYTimes.  With many venues closed, people are heading to sea to get married including this New York couple who got married on the world’s smallest aircraft carrier.

The Battle To Save The World’s Rarest Species From Extinction Following Mauritius Oil Spill – Forbes The Battle To Save The World’s Rarest Species From Extinction Following Mauritius Oil Spill The front lines of this extinction battle is happening live on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, which is still battling the effects of a major oil spill from the M/V Wakashio

Hydrogen fuel cells ordered for €5.85Bn European transportation project – Riviera. Netherlands-headquartered Chemgas Shipping has partnered with Austrian engineering group AVL and technology company TECO 2030 to install hydrogen fuel cells on river tugs.This is part of the €5.85Bn (US$6.7Bn) Blue Danube short sea ship[ping hydrogen project that involves river transportation of this liquefied fuel into central Europe.

Sale of the century: DOF, Vroon, Swire, Maersk and POSH shrink  Offshore Accounts – Baird Maritime  Tidewater and Bourbon have drastically shrunk their fleets in the face of pressure from investors tired of idle vessels bleeding cash in the multi-year downturn. We saw banks rushing to auction offshore assets for pennies on the dollar, and marveled at the bargains to be had in an industry where the main buyers of tonnage are little known Chinese and Indian companies.

Eastern Pacific unveils more comfortable living quarters for its crew – Splash247  According to Seth Godin design is free. The cost of making a space look welcoming and comfortable increases the health and welfare of the crew. A happy, healthy crew is safer and more profitable. A cool design also attracts young people. Great design = getting people to do what you want | Seth’s Blog

Next U.S. Supercarrier Named After Black American Hero Sailor – American Defense News In a U.S. military first, the Navy is naming its next aircraft carrier, not after an American president, but after a black American sailor and Pearl Harbor hero.

The Pentagon Wants to Supersize the Navy to 500+ Ships. Good Luck Paying for That. – Popular Mechanics The U.S. Navy wants to boost the size of its battle force fleet by at least 50 percent, making it the undisputed leader in warships. The Chinese Navy has more ships than the U.S. Navy, though U.S. warships are generally more technologically advanced and more capable. New plans to boost America’s fleet rely heavily on affordable unmanned warships.


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