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Stolt Tankers reducing emissions using behavioural change project

Behavioural change startup Signol has launched a first-of-its-kind project with Stolt Tankers to further reduce shipping emissions by using Internet of Things (IoT) type data.

The six-month pilot project will run on seven vessels and help seafarers understand the impact of their actions on overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and motivate them to adopt new behaviours.

By combining sensor data with behavioural change techniques, Stolt Tankers is pioneering a human-centred, tech-enabled approach to improving fuel efficiency and reducing shipping’s environmental impact.

Five of the vessels use continuous monitoring data through sensors connected directly to the ship’s power management and automation systems, providing a comprehensive and real-time view of what the crew experiences onboard.

By using real-time IoT data as opposed to static snapshots of a ship’s status, Stolt Tankers and Signol can enable crew and shoreside teams to make more proactive and immediate decisions, leading to improved operational efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced safety.

Signol stated that the use of its solution shows fuel savings exceeding 5% in the maritime sector, delivering a return on investment in the months after launch without requiring additional capital investment.


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