MaintenanceRefueling of Shipsservices

Stevedoring and Tally -Crew change and repatriation

  1. a)      This shall include supplying the necessary labour to handle cargo from or into ship’s hatches to discharge or load cargo to/from quay or lighters.  The Port Operator will supply all labour gangs, winchmen, hatchmen, foreman, tallymen, and other labour for the performance of the stevedoring operation.  Port equipment supplied in support of the stevedoring operation will be charged as per tariff
  2. b)     Agents are required to post their supervisor to be available on board their vessel in order to co-ordinate with the ship and the port staff for smooth cargo operations.  They should also post their own tally clerks and exchange the tally sheet at the end of each shift with the port tally clerks.
  3. c)      Upon completion of the stevedoring operation the Port Operator will make available, on request, to the ship owner or operator through their agents.
  4. Statement of Fact (indicating the number of gangs employed and cargo handling performance).
  5. Tally Outturn Report on basis of shipside Port Tally
  6. Short Landing certificate will be issued if any only upon confirmation by ship’s agent.
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