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Signing a Memo of Understanding to Remove 3 Gantry Cranes

On Monday 24/12/2018 a Memo of understanding was signed to remove 3 Gantry Cranes which were damage from the attack on Hodeida port since August 2015.

The memo was signed by Capitan/ Mohammed A. Eshaq with the Manager of the world food program in Yemen , in the presence of His Excellency the minister of Transport, General Zakaria Yahya Al-Shami and His Excellency the minister of planning and international cooperation to remove 3 Cranes as a first step to make space for the new Cranes , to decrease the pressure on the Berth. this step consider to be important for the next steps in the port’s work , which is the lifeline providing Yemenis people with foods and medicine.

Also worth mentioning that the Gantry Cranes is the backbone for the container terminal work , that completely stopped since the aggressions on Hodeida Port targeting the Gantry Crane on 17 August 2015.

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