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New Paper: Tackling the Supply Chain Challenge

Edition 85: Supply Chain Collaboration, the latest issue of Port Technology’s e-Journal, is now available and features an exclusive paper from MIT professor and supply chain expert Yossi Sheffi.

Focusing on the challenges currently faced by the maritime supply chain, Sheffi considers the impact of growing demand and new technologies on what is already a complex ecosystem of stakeholders, many of whom are battling to remain competitive in an increasingly difficult marketplace.  

Read Yossi Sheffi’s paper on Maritime Supply Chain Challenges here

As director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, author Sheffi leads consultations with a number of major organizations in the industry and understands the need for these various players to work together as part of an “integrated” system.

According to the professor, customers are currently looking for “door-to-door services with real-time information flow”, giving them visibility over their shipments.

While this may seem like an ambitious plan for the future, Sheffi emphasizes that the increasing number of alliances formed between liners, as well as growing cooperation between carriers and terminal owners, has given the industry an opportunity to control its “own destiny”.

Developing a digital system to unify processes and create transparency in the maritime space will ultimately depend on the willingness of the various parties involved to collaborate and share data, a sticking point for the sector historically.

With traffic expected to exceed forecasted growth in infrastructure, it will soon become a necessity for liners, terminals and other stakeholders to work together on avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring supply meets demand.

For more on the subject of collaboration and developing connectivity within the maritime supply chain, please subscribe to Port Technology today and download Edition 85.

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