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Ecochlor Submits Filterless and Hybrid BWMS for USCG Type Approval

Ecochlor filed an application for the EcoOne Filterless and EcoOne Hybrid ballast water management systems (BWMS) with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for Type Approval. “This application is an amendment to Ecochlor’s existing BWMS Type Approval; it is our expectation that the EcoOne and EcoOne Hybrid will receive USCG type approval certification by the end of 2021,” said Steve Candito, CEO.

“Receiving IMO Type Approval and filing the application for USCG Type Approval is a significant milestone for us as it offers the assurance to shipowners that the EcoOne and EcoOne Hybrid BWMS have successfully passed the most recent, more stringent standards in efficacy in accordance with the USCG, Standards for Living organisms in Ship’s Ballast Discharged Waters, Final Rule (Final Rule). Additionally, we completed whole effluent toxicity tests in accordance with USCG Final Rule,” said Pete Thompson, VP of Operations. Type Approval applications have also been submitted to Class Societies LR, KR, BV, ABS as well as the French and Hellenic Flag Administration.

“The benefits of EcoOne BWMS and EcoOne Hybrid BWMS to the shipowner are immense since issues with filters can be severe, especially in very turbid, challenging waters,” said Candito. “The EcoOne BWMS offers fewer operational obstacles and less maintenance with even lower power needs. There are no TRO sensors which can interrupt ballasting and de-ballasting operations, and no electrodes or complex power supplies. The new systems also offer owners the options of gravity ballasting and deballasting.”

The filterless EcoOne BWMS is designed to operate anywhere in marine and brackish waters (≥1PSU) with no restrictions on temperature or turbidity. The EcoOne Hybrid BWMS (in filter mode of operation) has no operational limitations with temperature, turbidity or salinity and allows operation with filter or no-filter. This feature ensures that shipowners have the flexibility of unrestricted operation globally but with the convenience of a no-filter system.

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