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APL launching new China – US East Coast service

APL is launching a new service between central China and the US East Coast, as well as adding Haiphong, Vietnam to another transpacific service.

The new Central China – US East Coast service CC3 service will commence sailing from Lianyungang on 30 April with a port rotation of Lianyungang – Shanghai – Ningbo – Long Beach – Seattle – Lianyungang.

The service will provide direct connectivity from the Chinese ports of Lianyungang, Ningbo and Shanghai to the US West Coast ports of Long Beach and Seattle. Primed to diversify and expand

APL said that CC3 will be the only service in the market that provides a direct Lianyungang-Long Beach and Seattle connection,.

In addition, the APL’s weekly South China-Loop 3 (SC3) service will include the ports of Haiphong and Oakland as part of its service rotation. The additional calls on the SC3 service are also scheduled to begin sailing on 30 April and will be the service connecting directly Haiphong in Northern Vietnam to the US West Coast ports of Long Beach and Oakland.

The enhanced SC3 service will offer an extended market coverage across Vietnam, South China and US West Coast, with a 13-day transit from Yantian to Long Beach.

The SC3 will commence sailing from Haiphong with a port rotation of Haiphong – Nansha – Hong Kong – Yantian – Long Beach – Oakland – Yantian – Haiphong.

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